Local Lawyers helps people and companies that are abroad by providing contact with professionals present in that territory


Credit recovery
Family law and inheritances
Consumer protection
Recognition of foreign judgments
Recruitment law
Tourism law: claims for flight’s cancellations, delays, ecc.


Trial representation
Counsel and drafting
of charges and acts
Trial assistance
Cancellation of criminal records
International Child Abduction


workplace consultancy and assistance
dismissal dispute
assistance for occupational sicknesspension and disability rights
International Pensions
Pension contribution obtained abroad


Judicial and extrajudicial assistance.
Residence permit consultancy
Visa application
Citizenship application assistance
Public administration appealsjudicial authority appeals
Request for family reunification


Request of civil status records
(birth, marriage, filiation, death)

Document’s legalization

Homologation of academic degree

Local Lawyers provides legal assistance to those who move to a different country, offering the necessary information to be in contact with a professional present in that place.

Local Lawyers guarantees to its clients legal assistance on Civil Law, Criminal Law, Labor Law and Immigration Law.

The basic aim of Local Lawyers is to provide legal assistance to companies that move to a foreign country, through the special provision of a professional present in that place, that will constantly and continuously follow the entrepreneur. Thanks to the common protocol adopted by all the professionals of the Local Lawyers project, the client are assured with the same method, the same timing and a high level of professionalism on the services provided (learn more about the professionals of the network).

Local Lawyers is a project that unites professionals from different parts of the world, to provide legal assistance to all those who move to a different country to work, study, to join a relative or just for leisure. Due to its constitution, Local Lawyers guarantees the presence of a lawyer who speaks the same language than the client who requested legal protection.

Local Lawyers provides legal assistance in the hosting country, to individuals or companies. Local Lawyers employs the utmost professionalism in the matters of counseling about work and tax assistance to the company and legal assistance in the management of the report of employment and pension law.

Transparency, timeliness and competitive rates are the foundation upon which stands the legal assistance provided by the network of professionals of the Local Lawyers project.

Just contact Local Lawyers and you will be immediately in contact with a legal professional of our network that will follow you constantly in a personalized way. Contact us.