Local Lawyers is connected to a world-wide network of dozens of professionals
To provide legal protection to the person of the company that is located in a foreign country, the Local Lawyers project combines professionals that adopt an identical working system.

The common method is the fundamental basis on which stands Local Lawyers’ competitiveness. As if there were no real physical distances, the person assisted by a Local Lawyers’ representative will receive the same level of legal protection in the foreign country in which the person is.

For the optimal resolution of legal issues, we guarantee, from the first contact, certain and brief times of response. Get to know how Local Lawyers works and discover how the network of professionals provides legal protection.

We guarantee transparency from the first appointment with a clear expense budget for the management of the submitted legal case. Our professionals are in constantly updated and always in contact with the client, to follow accurately and on time the status of the practice. To get information on the legal protection you need, contact us now.

Local Lawyers: different legal representatives and a unique method to provide legal protection.

Due to the common practice protocol adopted by all the representatives of the Local Lawyers project, the same method is assured for the client, the same timing and a high level of professionalism on the services provided.

Our professionals speak Italian, English and Spanish, given the important presence in Spain, Argentina and Italy. Contact Local Lawyers and you will immediately get precise information on the nearest professional that will follow your practice in a personalized way.

Marco Gastaldo

Partner Italy

Antonio Segura Garcia-Consuegra

Partner Spain

Maria Clara Pividori

Associate - Argentine

Juan Exequiel Vergara

Associate - Argentine

Cristina Golobardes

Associate - Florida