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Social and pension contribution Agentina – Italy

Portability of social and pension contribution at international level : the recognition of periods worked in Argentina to get the a pension in Italy.

When there is an employment relationship between a worker and a company, this last is kept, besides the payment of the wage, to the payment of social security required by law to the competent body. Moreover, in the case of self-employment, in general it be obliged to pay the pension contribution according to contribution rates fixed by law.

In both cases, the aforementioned contributions must be versed in the Corporate bodies created by law for this purpose: ANSES (National Social Security Administration) in Argentina and INPS (National Social Security Institute) in Italy.

At the age established by law, the employee may request the pension, that will be calculated with the contributions paid in the various systems: public or private employment and self-employment.

According to the agreement signed between Italy and Argentina concerning  Social Security subject, on application, it is guarantee the aggregation (Totalization) of all periods of contribution paid  to the social security schemes of both countries to achieve the eligibility requirements to claim a pension in any of the two States.

Therefore, it is necessary that the Social Security position of the worker takes account of the entire work history of and, in particular, of the contributions paid. Specifically, it is crucial that in the registers of both national authorities (ANSES and INPS), the Employers Contribution Statement contains all the periods for which the worker has poured contributions and the amount of the same.

In the event that the aforesaid registers does not reveal all these data, both systems provide mechanisms to supplement or modify the information contained therein:

In Argentina, it is necessary to start the practice of “reconocimiento de servicios prestados”; instead in Italy it is expected ” Domanda di variazione dell’estratto conto “.

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