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Residence Permit in Spain

“My father, who lives abroad, has Spanish origin, but I’m not Spanish. Might it be of help the fact that he is?”

Yes, the Spanish law allows you to obtain a Residence Permit for exceptional reasons for adult children of Spanish origin.

In these cases, the practice of Residence Permit is faster: just have to be residing in Spain, have lived in the country in the previous five years, show that you do not have a criminal record in the country of origin and, above all, be able to attest the family ties with the parent of Spanish origin.

In this case, when speaking of Spanish origin, we refer to the children of Spanish emigrants living abroad who have recovered Spanish nationality or the children of immigrants who have obtained citizenship through the Historical Memory Law.

To verify this circumstance is sufficient to provide the birth certificate of the father, issued by the Spanish Civil Registry Office. Generally, the Spanish parent, has to be regularly registered at the concerned Civil Status Office, but can also be enrolled in the Central Civil Registry in Madrid.

After you submit the application for a Residence Permit in the office in charge, it will be granted a Residence Permit for one year, which will be valid for work as self-employed or as an employee.

Once obtained this authorization, the renewal of the permit is subject to the ordinary rules of the Aliens Act: the person concerned in the process of renewal will have to prove: a) to have an employment contract or, b) to dispose of sufficient financial resources for subsistence.

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