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15 YEARS FOR CITIZENSHIP: The  Endless Waiting time of Italian Consulates


In May 2016, Renzi’s Government has pledged to allocate the funds deriving   from the visas in support of Italians Consulates abroad, in addition to a contribution of 300 euro on applications of “Jus sanguinis” (via ancestry) citizenship  to the same Consulates for ” quickly process the accumulated request”.

The note, certainly positive, highlights  a problem well known to those who have had the need to initiate a procedure for the recognition of citizenship, even only for a temporary visa, or any other bureaucratic activities related to the Italian diplomacy: the terrible waiting times of Italians Consulates.

Problem heard with dramatic evidence in South American Countries , particularly in Brazil. This is a very serious delays on the recognition of the cases and citizenship applications. Times can lengthen , even up to 10-15 years for the recognition of a right which, in addition to be constitutionally guaranteed, is much more than a formal recognition of legal status, representing for many a necessary obliged step to start an activity,  search for jobs or to simplify movements  to EU.

Among the many protests, you can also file a legal action to obtain the administration’s condemnation for the excessive delay in the completion of the practice. The action can be directed either to get a definite reply from the Ministry, either as compensation for moral damages suffered in the hold.

Of the first case is an example, a recent judgment of the T.A.R. (Regional Administrative Court) of Lazio. The judges have accepted the appeal of a Brazilian citizen, querying the annulment of a measure of the Consulate General of Italy in Sao Paolo dated 20 October 2009 which granted by default her request to achieve the legalization of documents needed for the recognition of “Jus sanguinis” Italian citizenship.

The T.A.R. has ordered the Italian Consulate in Sao Paulo to respond to the applicant within 90 days from the submission of the application of “Jus sanguinis” of citizenship, finding also a unfulfilling Administration.

As an example of the second case, the Court of Milan has recognized a compensation in favor of a Moroccan citizen who had had to wait for family reunification in Italy in favor of the spouse, for almost two years, with guilty delay of the Consulate. (verdict: Http://www.stranieriinitalia.it/briguglio/immigrazione-e-asilo/2008/aprile/sent-trib-mi-ritardo.pdf